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    SKU: GSS

                Introducing the GEARSKID ! The most adaptable, modular, secure, weapon and gear mounting platform available on the market. Milled from 6061 aluminum and anodized for life long service. Standard  with three headrest choices that ensure correct fit in most vehicles, and very secure strap system that, once tightened, allows for rattle, and sag free installation.

         GEARSKID allows a wide range of weapon types and systems to be adjusted for use on its platform. AR15 style weapons, carbine, rifle, pistols , SBR's will all fit , AK platforms along with bolt action rifles can all be held securely and confidently and with ease.

        A large array of accesories are availabile with more coming soon, including a adjustable rubber strap system to allow larger forend weapons like SCAR's and TAVOR's.

        Law Enforcement packages coming soon to include several types of electric locks and timers with underseat cables for upmost security.

        Clamps will soon be offered also for GEARSKID use on any ATV, UTV, boat, or airframes.

       Each unit comes with black zinc screws and tool for installation, and all nesessary componets to mount your carry piece with confidence.

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